Leaking Roof Repairs is a Gauteng Essential Service!

If you’re experiencing a leaking roof and watching your office copier grow mould, or seeing your kitchen cupboards swell and fall apart from persistent moisture, don’t feel alone! The owners of commercial properties in Gauteng and homeowners alike who experience roof leaks are growing in number. Although that’s a sad reality, it does come with an upside of vastly improved leaking roof repairs service. As any reputable Gauteng roofing company can tell you, the amount of repair work in the province has grown not only on the back of a growing population, but also on the back of the growing violence of the local weather.

Leaking roofs always come with added downsides. Spoiled carpets, discoloured ceilings, damage to electrical outlets and appliances-these are all unfortunate spin-offs of a leaking roof. Perhaps most disappointing to experience, however, is the inevitable deflation of your sense of the property’s value when a roof isn’t performing its function. Whether you’re a tenant or a homeowner, it impacts your life by making things feel broken, uncomfortable, and no longer cosy. It’s lousy to see it happening, and it’s lousy to feel exposed in the literal sense-we humans like our buildings to feel well built, snug and secure.

leaking roof repairs

Bad Weather Makes Leaking Roof Repairs Essential

The weather in Gauteng has contributed to leaking roofs all over the province, with some truly frightening cases of giant hailstones bashing through tiles, cars with smashed windows and dented roofs, and even personal injury. Also, because it’s not just an occasional phenomenon, thumping highveld thunderstorms’ frequency means too that roof repairs need to be swift and effective. There’s nothing quite as lousy as being caught thinking about repairing that hole in the roof a week or two after it was made, by an ensuing thunderstorm that soaks things thoroughly, now with real intent!

Today’s provincial weather can be cheeky! A real lashing can easily be followed by another a day or two later, making quick leaking roof repairs sometimes imperative. Make no mistake, it’s an unfortunate truth that roofs don’t ever repair themselves and magically heal over time. Roofs are the kind of thing that are best repaired swiftly and fastidiously. Like a small snag in a favourite garment, it’s better to get it to the tailor right away, and more importantly perhaps, every time it happens. Thread will run and the garment will take a rapid descent downhill if you don’t, and roofs are no different in that regard.

Call on Roof Proof Restoration for Expert Workmanship and Great Results

A leaking roof repair is a service that keeps on giving. We might take a sound roof for granted until it suffers some damage and allows the weather in, but anyone who has ever suffered a leaking roof will confirm that the happy glow continues long after it’s been repaired. Roof Proof Restoration has a long and successful history of repairing leaking roofs, and we’re sleek and smart about it too. With the minimum of fuss and inconvenience to you, we give you a clear and transparent appraisal of the repairs needed, and we’ll make sure that we get it done at a fair price as quickly as possible. Call us-and get a professional repair that comes with guaranteed peace of mind.