Waterproofing Companies

Waterproofing Roofs in Tshwane and Surrounds

It’s a safe bet that a large percentage of people shopping at their local DIY shop on any Saturday morning are shopping for a solution to their leaking roof! Especially now that summer rains start to pick up, tired or damaged spots on the roof or broken fascia boards are letting raindrops in all over. Water, when one stops to think about it, is probably the weirdest and most fascinating substance we know. Unfortunately, it’s liquid flow and easy transition between liquid and gaseous states mean it’s also a bugbear of homeowners the world over.

Waterproofing Companies

Nowhere more so than in the Midrand, Centurion and Pretoria areas of Gauteng, where summer rains are copious, and nowadays often accompanied by some violent wind and even outsize hailstones. As much as we value water for its life-giving properties, unwanted water can become a source of despair for homeowners. Waterproofing companies know only too well of the exasperation and growing misery of homeowners who are slowly watching their house become sullied, and their goods damaged.

Water, Water, Everywhere

No one wants to see damp rising up and claiming their flooring or furniture. More alarmingly, water coming from the top down has a far more immediately damaging effect on furniture, clothes, and household goods. Commercial premises especially can suffer costly damage that disrupts productivity and is visible right on the bottom line. That said, roof types are varied, although all are amenable to waterproofing to keep the weather out. Whether it’s a pitched tile roof, a flat roof, a zinc, thatched or concrete slab roof, or even a chimney, skylight, or balcony that’s letting water in, sooner is much better than later to get it sorted out.

Be aware that waterproofing companies in Gauteng are not all cut from the same cloth, however. In fact, when it comes to waterproofing companies, a few salient points are useful to include in any initial dialogue when looking for repairs:

  • How long has the company been focused on waterproofing and associated contracting?
  • Does the waterproofing company have any specialised or proprietary products they employ?
  • Are they au fait with all attendant implications when sealing a roof – the need to check for potential peripheral damage on ceilings and walls, the need to check for structural soundness after water damage, and the ability to offer a complete and transparently costed solution with guarantees?

When It Comes to Waterproofing, Get It Right First Time Round

The problem with finding the leaks on a roof is that most homeowners will only inspect the roof after rain, in the sunshine, when especially flat roofs that have been “flashed” (sealed) at the time of the build yield very few clues as to where water is getting in. Furthermore, water often travels through tiny gaps that seem impossibly small to the naked eye. Very often, water squeezes through seams of old sealing attempts, accumulates somewhere before spilling over, or drips down rafters to accumulate at (and damage) a single point – most often noticed as a giant brown stain on an otherwise pristine ceiling!

Professional waterproofing companies’ staff face the same dry, daylight challenges, except that they bring years of experience, an understanding of how each type of roof is engineered, and detailed expertise on how to go about a successful first-time-around seal. At Roof Proof Restoration, we play open cards with our clients – we’re transparent in our analysis and costing – and we pride ourselves on being a dynamite roofing company covering all aspects of roof maintenance in the greater Pretoria area. Call us for prompt service, fair pricing, and a great finish you can count on.