Waterproofing in Pretoria

Although officially not a particularly robust annual rainfall area, Pretoria surely gets its fair share every year. Gauteng’s weather has also become more extreme, with violent, windy storms at times, and the ending of every summer season sees weeks of soaking tropical rain from up north, as autumn turns to winter. Supposedly dry Gauteng or not, a flight over Pretoria will tell you from the abundant greenery that this is a city that gets substantial rain, at least at times. Jacarandas are Brazilian forest trees, and Pretoria is renowned for its beautiful purple spring display. That alone demonstrates that Pretoria gets enough rain to make a Brazilian feel at home, which means it has to be quite a lot! Thus, Waterproofing in Pretoria has become so important.

Waterproofing on the highveld of Gauteng was never the critical service it’s become today. Climate change might be drying up other regions of other countries, but Pretoria doesn’t seem to be one of them. Today’s waterproofing in Pretoria has taken on a higher priority ranking in many commercial premises and residential homes, as persistently violent summer weather exposes needed repairs, often through an alarming intrusion of water into the premises, or by the sudden realisation that a wall or other structural component has been taking on water, and it’s just starting to show as damp, or in some other unsightly form.

Waterproofing in Pretoria

Waterproofing in Pretoria Should Be a Once-Off

Saying that waterproofing should be a once-off endeavour, is not to imply that waterproofing of new or maintained premises can’t take some time, or require return visits to fully effect the method of repair. It simply means that you should only have to go through the process once. Today’s waterproofing products and methodologies are extremely effective in comparison to waterproofing techniques of a few decades ago. Waterproofing in Pretoria needs to be professionally executed, however, to carry any guarantee of success.

That said, of course anyone can pose as a waterproofing agent, and there is a tendency for painters to be lumped in with waterproofing, at least in the consumer’s mind. Probably because some waterproofing techniques involve (at least at some point) a brush and a can, it’s understandable that they’re squished together in the public consciousness. One is aesthetic, however-if your paint peels off it doesn’t immediately impinge the structural integrity of your house-whereas the other, waterproofing, is critical. Not only does failed or absent waterproofing immediately start to whittle away at the value of your home or office, it’s also just lousy and unsightly to live with.

Let Roof Proof Restoration Safeguard Your Biggest Asset

The integral value and sense of a safe space that we attach to our homes or workspaces is diminished when damp is rising, or surfaces get wet due to a lack of waterproofing. Waterproofing in Pretoria is not only needed, it needs to be done by professionals with integrity. Roof Proof Restoration prides itself on an open, transparent, and even educational service to our clients. We’re professionals in our field, we come with years of experience, and we land at competitive rates for excellent workmanship. Call us for your waterproofing needs, and we’ll happily identify the issues at hand, quote you promptly, and get it sorted as swiftly too.