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Restore Your Roof To Its Former Glory

Roof Proof Restoration Guarantee

With 11 years of experience, RPRSA can assure you the best quality in every job delivered. RPRSA consists of a team of more than 25 professionally trained employees, 5 site managers and a partnership where both of the directors give expert attention where needed.

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What We Can Do For You

Remember to get your roof professionally inspected every 3 to 4 years (even though its not leaking) to ensure a 100% roof proof house or business premise.


Our waterproofing products provide 100% water tight application not only providing a solution to your leaks but also acting as a heat barrier which keeps the underlying rooms more insulated during summer.

Roof repairs

Damaged roofs, Sagging roofs, Leaking roofs, Ceillings, Flashings, Fascia boards, Rotten timber replacement, Barge boards.

Damp Proofing

Damp not only destroys your building structure but is hazardous to your health and reduces the value of your investment.

Natural disaster & Hail Repair

Was your roof damaged by hail? Contact us today to get your roof fixed.

Roof Proof Restoration - Waterproofing and Roof Repairs


I am very empressed with their service. When I got home and the next week it rained my roof was not leaking anymore. Done and dusted the first time.

- Tammy

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We know that our clients deserve the best service, and that’s why we have experienced managers on site daily to monitor quality and provide you with the kind of excellence you deserve.

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