We Specialise In

 Roof Repairs
 Rhinolite ceilings
 Rhinoboard and bishop strip ceilings
 Factory roofs
 Sagging roofs
 Cement tiled roofs
 Home roofs
 Tiled roofs
 Corrugated steel roofs
 Galvanised steel roofs
 Clay tiled roofs
 Concrete slab roofs
 Harveytile roofs
 IBR steel roofs
 Galvanized gutters
 Seamless chromadek gutters (outsourced)
 Box gutters
 Facia boards
 Overtile barge boards

Roof repairs and waterproofing:

 Damaged roofs
 Sagging roofs
 Leaking roofs
 Fascia boards
 Rotten timber replacement
 Barge boards
 Seamless Chromadeck gutters (outsourced)
 Galvanized gutters
 Isotherm insolation

BE AWARE for fly by night water proofers

Signs for fly by nighters are:
 Too long guarantees
 NO guarantees
 Unmarked vehicles
 Business existence

Guarantees are given on particular jobs done

Remember to get your roof professionaly inspected every 3 to 4 years (even though its not leaking) to ensure a 100% roof proof house, business premise, etc


Our highly trained and experienced waterproofing contractors will ensure the process will flow smoothly, that from planning to initiation the project to the final handover that the entire project will be monitored throughout to ensure client satisfaction. Quality self-engineered products, efficient service and execution of every waterproofing project are the guidelines in which Roof Proof Restoration conduct business.

Our Waterproofing work is guaranteed but the length of the guarantee is dependent on the contract and will be discussed once the quote has been given, we waterproof all types of roofs commercial, industrial & residential roofs including flat roofs, concrete slab roofs, pitched tiled roofs, balconies, skylights, parapet walls, sidewalls, chimneys and chimney flashings, leaking chimneys, plumbing vent pipes, dome skylights, plumbing inspection covers, tiled roofs, roof ridging, IBR roofs, corrugated roofs and box gutters.

Our waterproofing products provide 100% water tight application not only providing a solution to your leaks but also acting as a heat barrier which keeps the underlying rooms more insulated during summer, our waterproofing system contains a UV filters which prolong the life span of the waterproofing product.


Roof proof restoration specializes in the waterproofing and repairs of:

  Leaking Roofs
  Damaged Roofs
  Sagging Roofs
  Emergency Roof Repairs
  Fascia Boards
  Torch on Flat Concrete Slab Roofs