Damp Proofing

Damp Proofing is a service that needs to be undertaken when excess moisture travels to the surface of a wall damaging plaster, paint, and or brickwork. Roof proof restoration has been successfully eliminating rising damp for over 11 years with our experience and self-engineered products we ensure our clients are completely satisfied. We at roof proof restoration offer damp proofing of interior/exterior walls and basements as well to all domestic and commercial properties. A damp proofing assessment will be undertaken by a trained professional using an electronic moisture meter or thermal imaging camera.

Rising damp occurs when a wall signs of damp, mold or plaster and paint lifting. The damp proofing process will involve removing damp damaged plaster followed by injecting a chemical damp course using an injection machine, applying latex slurry to the exposed wall and re-plastering using a damp proof plaster.

Damp not only destroys your building structure but is hazardous to your health and reduces the value of your investment.