Roof Waterproofing

How Professional Roof Waterproofing Will Save You Time and Money

Nobody likes to think about everything that can (and often does) go wrong within a home. In fact, by the time most people realise that their roof is not waterproof, it is already too late. If your roofing is not absolutely watertight, you might find that come rainy season, you are forced to cough up on unexpected expenses. The best option? Waterproofing your roof long before an issue turns into costly damages. If you are not aware of the many benefits of doing so yet, keep reading about how starting such a project early will save you both time and money.

You will Save Your Ceiling from Damage

When thinking of a leaking roof, one might imagine a dripping ceiling with a collection of buckets gathered on the floor to catch the water – but water damage is not always so drastic. Sometimes, it can occur gradually over a period of months or years before anyone realises how extensive the damage really is. This damage can include the staining or darkening of the ceiling paint, water seeping down cornices and walls, and even damage to light fittings. Ceilings can also warp, buckle, and bubble depending upon what they are made of – so roof waterproofing early is your best bet in deterring such a risk.

Protecting the Health of Your Home

Dark and damp areas above the ceiling are a breeding ground for mould and mildew – any homeowner’s nightmare. A build-up of mould is not just awful to look at, it can cause some serious health problems. Essentially a kind of fungus, mould produces spores, which when inhaled or touched, can lead to allergies or other reactions, such as shortness of breath and asthmatic attacks. Roof waterproofing prevents water and moisture from getting into this space and creating an unseen safety hazard.

Far Easier Than a Roof Overhaul

Between waterproofing your roof and completely redoing your rooftop due to wear and tear, it is not hard to guess which is cheaper. Sealing the rooftop with a waterproof membrane means that wear and tear from the elements and the need for regular repairs are minimised. Water that can get into the structure can also cause rotting or weakening of ceiling joists and rafters. Not only is waterproofing a good way to take care of your home as an investment, but it saves a ton of money in the long run.

Preventing a Fire Hazard

Even if you are fine with a complete overhaul or the need to repair your roof often, your home is still in danger of fires. If you have electrical wiring within your home’s attic or ceiling structure, water leaks could cause a short or spark the wiring, which could ignite surrounding material. House fires, no matter how small, are usually devastating in the damage they cause and the costs they incur.

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